Scarp Archaeology is right there with you from project inception, planning, consultation with Indigenous organisations and Government, project execution, reporting and even promotion at National and International venues and media. Here’s what we can offer…


For many cultural heritage and archaeology are issues in a project that can be unexpected; the results of unknown legislative processes. We work with them on a daily basis, and can help you to establish a project that both satisfies the requirements, and also gives practical outcomes to everyone involved. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the right plan is created and executed.

Desktop Assessments / Due Diligence

Used to determine archaeological potential within a project area. The assessment utilises GIS, State heritage registers, previous assessments, archaeological projects and environmental data. They are a quick way of determining what you might need to do and to highlight any potential issues early in planning.

Archaeological Field Assessment

The next stage of the assessment process in Australia, and completed when a project is likely to have potential for intact cultural resources. Fieldwork will determine the presence and/or extent of any cultural material that exists within project boundaries, record it, and provide a thorough report concerning the location, content, and significance of what is found. Usually we can plan together to avoid these areas, and if that’s the case, often that’s all that’s required.

Excavation, Collection, Salvage

This is where Scarp Archaeology specialises and set the standards for the cultural heritage industry. When there is a complex and significant site, or many locations that require further assessment and mitigation, we are able to tailor salvage and excavation projects that don’t just satisfy the requirements of regulators, but leave both the client and Indigenous representatives happy and satisfied that the right thing has been done.


Scarp has a small expert team specialising in GIS, allowing for efficient desktop assessments of project areas, and offering much more in terms of planning, assessment and research than other archaeological consultancies. We specialise in developing predictive modelling in order to provide greater planning certainty and allowing for our field time to be minimised.