Michael Slack appointed adjunct Associate Professor

It was with great appreciation that Michael was ‘upgraded’ recently to Associate Professor status at James Cook University.  The promotion recognises his record of publications in archaeology, consulting seniority, and leadership in the discipline.  There are very few senior consultant archaeologists that have been awarded this status in Australia.  We look forward to attaching the Associate Professor status to Michaels’ authored consulting reports, applications, and papers!

Scarp Relocation

As of January 2021 Scarp has relocated from Sydney to Perth, Western Australia.  This means that we are much better able to provide heritage services to exiting and new clients from this time onwards.  Located in Hillarys on the northern beaches we are available for new clients that require due diligence, site assessments, survey and excavation throughout Western Australia, and not just the Pilbara!

If your company wants to work with Scarp in the future please get in contact with us soon.

New Research Projects

We are excited to soon announce that we are starting a continent wide research project examining the effects of climate change on Aboriginal cultural heritage….

Recent Papers

Bunting, D., Skippington, J., Pervan, J., and Slack, M.J. submitted Aboriginal people, heritage practitioners and mining proponents: A critique of a Sustainable Heritage Model developed to improve Cultural Heritage Management Practices in the Pilbara, Western Australia. Paper submitted to the Journal of the Environment Institute of Australia, under review.

Slack, M., Law, W., & Gliganic, L. 2020 The early occupation of the Eastern Pilbara revisited: New radiometric chronologies and archaeological results from Newman Rockshelter and Newman Orebody XXIX. Quaternary Science Reviews 236.

Law, W., & Slack, M. 2020 The Story is in the Rocks: How Stone Artefact Scatters can Inform our Understanding of Ancient Aboriginal Stone Arrangement Functions. Journal of Field Archaeology 45(2):106-119.

Slack, M.J., Law, W.B., & Gliganic, L. 2018 Pleistocene settlement of the eastern Hamersley Plateau: A regional study of 22 rock-shelter sites. Archaeology in Oceania 53(3):191-204.

Law, W., Slack, M., Ostendorf, B., & Lewis, M. 2017 Digital terrain analysis reveals new insights into the topographic context of Australian Aboriginal stone arrangements. Archaeological Prospection 24(2):169-179. 

Slack, M., Connell, K., Davis, A., Gliganic, L., Law, W.B., Meyer, M. 2017 Post-Last Glacial Maximum Settlement of the West Angelas Region in the inland Hamersley Plateau, Western Australia, Australian Archaeology. 83(3):127-142.

Law, W.B., Slack, M.J., Ostendorf, B., Lewis, M. 2017 Digital terrain Analysis Reveals new Insights into the Topographic Context of Australian Aboriginal Stone Arrangements. Archaeological Prospection 24:169-179.

Gliganic, L.A., Cohen, T.J., Slack, M., Feathers, J.K. 2016 Sediment mixing in aeolian sandsheets identified and quantified using single-grain optically stimulated luminescence. Quaternary Geochronology 32:53-66.